Lucy Sparkles & Friends Health and Safety Response to COVID-19


Open Classes:
What you need to know and how we are keeping you safe

Here at Lucy Sparkles & Friends the safety of our clients, our team and the wider community is our number 1 priority.  Under Government guidelines parent and child groups and activities are permitted inside and outside.  For all areas of our operation we are continuing to follow government advice closely and have the following measures in place to keep everyone safe.


Covid Secure Venues & Activities – Our classes are only run in risk assessed Covid Secure Venues. Our activities are fully risk assessed for Health and Safety, including Covid Security.  All our teachers have C19 health and safety training, and this is updated regularly with any changes in government guidance.  Our lessons plans are fully adapted to ensure we can maintain distance and safely learn drama, music and dance in our classes, without limiting their fun or educational value.

Smaller Classes & Distancing – We are running smaller classes to ensure social distancing at all our venues.  Each family will have their own zone for the duration of the class, with a minimum of 2 metres distancing*.  Keep your distance for the duration of the class, but don’t worry if your child goes for a wander; just encourage them away from other families and to come back to your zone. (*1 metre plus for outdoors classes)

More Time Between Classes – Allowing us more time to clean any hard surfaces, mats, door handles and any other touch points, ensuring that the room is fully sanitised and ventilated in between groups.  One Way Systems are in place at some of our venues and these will be clearly signposted.  Please leave the venue swiftly after your class so we can get ready for the next class.

Hand Hygiene & Masking Up – All teachers and clients will be asked to wear a mask when moving around our venues.  Masks may be taken off during activities, once all the participants and the teacher are in their socially distanced space.  Hand Sanitiser stations are available at all of our classes and will be used by all of our teachers and clients on entry and exit to each venue.  Please don’t bring any food or drink into the class, other than milk or water for small children, and take care that water cups and bottles are safely stored out of the reach of other children.

Bring Your Own Props – Sensory experience is a massive part of our classes. To minimise infection risks we kindly ask you to bring along your own – one small percussion instrument (e.g. maraca, egg shaker, rice in plastic bottle etc.) and one sheer scarf (or other piece of material). Or speak to your teacher about ordering your own Sparkles scarf and shaker pack.

NHS Test & Trace – We will keep on file the name and contact details of everyone who has attended a class, using the details provided at the time of booking.  This information may be shared with NHS Test and Trace or Public Health officials if they contact us in relation to the class you attended.  In addition please check in using the NHS App with the QR code displayed at our teaching venues to help you remember where you have been.  If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should contact a member of staff in the first instance to resolve your issue.  Click here for our Privacy Policy.

Covid Symptoms – If you, a child in your care, or anyone in your household, childcare bubble or support bubble or in the household, childcare bubble or support bubble of a child in your care are/is displaying any symptoms of Covid 19 OR have/has had a positive Covid 19 test result OR have/has been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace team or a local Public Health Team and advised to self-isolate OR have/has recently returned from overseas and need/needs to complete the mandatory quarantine period, please do not come to our classes.  Zoom classes are available every week for making up missed sessions and self-isolation.

Please note that our classes are held at different venues across London and this is an overview of the procedures we have implemented.   Further detailed site specific information for your class can be found by contacting your local Head Sparkle.


**Stay safe and keep sparkling!**