Lucy Sparkles & Friends Health and Safety Response to COVID-19


Early Years and Childcare Settings:
What you need to know and how we are keeping you safe



Here at Lucy Sparkles & Friends the safety of our clients, our team and the wider community is our number 1 priority.  For all areas of our operation we are continuing to follow government advice closely and have the following measures in place to keep everyone safe. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Covid Secure Activities – Our classes will only run where it is considered safe to do so in line with your system of controls.  Our activities are fully risk assessed for Health and Safety, including Covid Security, and we will complete a site specific risk assessment for every class in every setting.  All our teachers have C19 health and safety training, and this is updated regularly with any changes in government guidance.  Our lessons plans are fully adapted to ensure we can maintain distance and safely learn drama, music and dance in our classes, without limiting the classes’ fun or educational value.

Smaller Classes & Distancing – We will help you plan your classes to make sure they comply with current advice for reducing the risk of aerosol transmission through outdoors teaching, good ventilation, and suitable activities.  We have adapted our plans to work with smaller groups, shorter sessions, and moving your lessons online when your usual space is not available.

Props & Equipment – Sensory experience is a massive part of our classes.   We are allowing more time for our team to move safely between bookings and ensure our equipment is sanitised in between groups.  To minimise infection risk we will only hand out props that have been washed/sanitized between sessions or we are happy for you to provide your own.

Hand Hygiene & Masking Up – All teachers will wear a mask when arriving at, leaving and moving around your setting.  Masks may be taken off during teaching activities, once all the participants and the teacher are in their socially distanced space.  We are happy to use additional PPE such as aprons or clear visors where your local system of controls requires.

Health & Travel Declarations – Our team are extensively briefed on what to do if they or a member of their household display any symptoms of Covid 19, have a positive PCR or lateral flow test result, or have recently returned from overseas and need to complete the mandatory quarantine period.

Asymptomatic & Surge Testing – We recommend all our teachers and entertainers take regular lateral flow device tests and actively engage with any local surge testing operations in the areas they live or work in.

Public Health Response– If any Sparkle Teacher tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) if they have attended any childcare settings on behalf of Lucy Sparkles and Friends within the designated “transmission window” prior to developing symptoms we will inform that setting immediately.

Blended Learning – Zoom classes are available when your teacher is unable to come to your setting or for children in your care who are in self-isolation.

Please note that our classes are held at many different settings across London and this is an overview of the procedures we have implemented.   For a detailed site-specific risk assessment for your class please contact your local Head Sparkle or our Business Manager.

**Stay safe and keep sparkling!**