What are Lucy Sparkles & Friends drama classes like?

Lucy Sparkles & Friends Drama is the most challenging of the three classes that we offer.  Each week we take your children on a magical journey to an imaginary place, called Storyland, where they explore stories and themes through child-led activities, whole-body movement, imaginative play, poetry, song, masks and storytelling.  And… if they’re lucky, they might even get some magic sparkles at the end!

All of our drama teachers are trained actors and performers with a passion for working with children in their early years.  Classes are held in London, Surrey and Essex.

How will my children benefit?

We create a fun environment in which your children can comfortably develop their imaginations, body awareness and relationships with each other through the exploration of word, sound and movement.   We also use weekly themes to enrich your children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

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Who are our drama classes for?

  • Pre-schoolers
  • Reception

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Lucy Sparkles & Friends Children's Drama Classes in London, Surrey and Essex

Lucy Sparkles & Friends Children’s Drama Classes in London, Surrey and Essex