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We aim to post a new video every month on the Lucy Sparkles & Friends YouTube Channel – with an entertaining song or rhyme, musical aims, learning outcomes, lyrics and age-specific activities for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler’s learning and enjoyment.   All the musical videos feature real musicians and real instruments such as saxophone, guitar, harp and accordion.

Home Learning Programme

You can now access all our classes online! pre-recorded classes with Lucy and our Head Sparkles, with prices from as little as £15 a month for access to our whole programme of Baby Music, Music for All Ages, , Creative Dance and Pre-school Drama classes.  A new class every week, each supported with learning materials and free music downloads! To subscribe contact

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Sparkles Social Distancing

You can still join us for music dance and drama classes, or to celebrate a special day. For further details click on the links below:

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