What are Lucy Sparkles & Friends music classes like?

Lucy Sparkles & Friends music classes are held in London, Surrey and Essex and employ both Kodály and Dalcroze principles. Whilst no two lessons are the same, we apply the same fun, thoughtful and tested structure to each weekly session in order to establish a comfortable and friendly environment for children. We help them to develop their musical, physical, emotional and intellectual skills through live guitar, ukulele or keyboard, a capella singing games, action songs, rhymes, parachute play, listening and moving to live and recorded music and by playing along on percussion instruments.

All of our music teachers are professional musicians who play real instruments and have a passion for working with children in their early years.

How will my children benefit?

There are countless benefits to exposing children to music in their early years, including:

  • Development of solo, group and social skills
  • Development of musicality
  • Increase in sense awareness
  • Development of memory, co-ordination and fine motor skills
  • Improved listening and concentration
  • Building the foundations for outstanding musical development

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Who are our music classes for?

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Pre-schoolers
  • Reception

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Lucy Sparkles & Friends Music Classes for children in London, Surrey and Essex

Lucy Sparkles & Friends Music Classes for children in London, Surrey and Essex

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