Drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey Drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey Party entertainment, drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey Drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey Drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey Drama, music and dance classes for young children living in Greater London and Surrey

Lucy Sparkles & Friends

Outstanding drama, music and dance classes and parties for young children living in Greater London, Essex and Surrey.

Engage, Enhance, Enjoy!

Lucy Sparkles & Friends provides outstanding drama, music and dance classes and parties for young children living in Greater London, Essex and Surrey.

Whether weekly and progressive or for special occasions, classes can be held in nurseries, schools, children’s centres and private settings.

All of our lessons are linked to EYFS practice guidelines and Key Stage One national curriculum.

We ENGAGE the children in fun, meaningful and appropriate lessons.

We ENHANCE learning through developing physical, emotional and intellectual skills.

Our sessions create a sense of ENJOYMENT and love of drama, music and dance.

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Recent News

An update on Dulwich and Herne Hill (UK) and Foligno (Italia)


Dulwich and Herne Hill

It’s been a busy couple of months for Lucy Sparkles and Friends in Dulwich and Herne Hill!

We hosted three Halloween Parties! A Dance and Drama Party for the Herne Hill Forum, a Halloween Music class for 0-4 years at The Charter School in East Dulwich and another Dance and Drama Party at The Green Community Centre in Nunhead.



We also held a ‘Saturday Special with Princess Belle’ at The Carnegie Library Autumn Fair in Herne Hill. The class was super popular! We don’t usually run public classes at the weekend, but we wanted to give parents that work Monday – Friday, the chance to experience the magic of sparkles with their little ones.


I can’t thank my wonderful team of entertainers and teachers enough. They are out and about in South London every day (including Sundays) shock horror – I know! This month, Mia Sparkles has stepped up a gear and is now leading BIG parties! Mia joined the team in July and has shown dedication to the role… She makes the perfect Unicorn too… Would you agree?!



Next month we have lots of Christmas entertainment in store… Announcements coming soon!


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Foligno, Italia

Ciao! Buongiorno!

I made the decision to move to Italy in 2020 when all our Lucy Sparkles and Friends teaching was transferred online due to the pandemic. The world opened and I decided to stay here…


Where am I? I am living in the beautiful countryside in Foligno in Umbria, the only landlocked county in Italy and more excitingly…  I have started Lucy Sparkles and Friends Italia!


I am currently teaching Lucy Sparkles English Music in two nurseries in Umbria. The classes are not only fun and educative, but the Italian nurseries love them because they help the children to learn English. This gives a whole new dynamic to our Lucy Sparkles curriculum.  Sometimes, I have to explain the instructions for the activity in Italian and then sing in English. In fact, last week I learnt that ‘Lullaby’ in Italian is ‘Ninna nanna.’ I love that word! Ninna Nanna!


The Italians also like to party, and we had so much fun for Halloween!



Last Saturday, I was asked to host an English Music class at the local library. So, in true Lucy Sparkles and Friends style, I popped on my fairy wings and grabbed my magic wand for… ‘Fairy English Music!’



I am having a ball teaching here in Italy. I particularly love the views as I drive to work… I am surrounded by mountains and glorious country side. Lucky me!




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Subconscious learning in Lucy Sparkles classes


Hello and welcome to our latest Lucy Sparkles blog! I’m Sarah, and I look after Lucy Sparkles and Friends across Brockley, Forest Hill and Crystal Palace. At the same time, I’m also studying for a Masters in Early Years Education, and this month I want to look at one of the songs we’re singing in class through a bit more of a theoretical lens, to show you what skills we’re working on with the little ones, often without you and them realising!

When you bring your children to a Lucy Sparkles and Friends class, every activity has a purpose – whether it’s developing fine motor skills during a dance exercise or working on a sense of pulse. We want to give our children the best start to their musical education, but it’s got to be fun – that’s the whole point! As Mary Poppins says, “in every task that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and…SNAP! The job’s a game!”

Well, this month we’re learning this song…



I love this song – it’s so much fun and there’s so much learning going on too!

You can hear that this song just uses two notes. But it’s not just any two notes – they’re what we call a falling minor third and we sing them at just the pitch that children’s voices develop at. You’ll hear children singing songs like this spontaneously all around – the ‘nee naw’ of the toy fire engine, the ‘I’m the king of the castle’ at the top of the slide.

By singing a song like this without being accompanied by a guitar or backing track, the children can hear the notes really clearly, and can start to join in – matching the notes they sing to the ones we are singing. This is called pitch matching, and it’s really important – whether you want to learn an instrument later in life, or simply sing along to the radio!




You’ll also have noticed that we do actions with this song – and lots of them! As anyone who’s ever spent 10 minutes with a toddler knows, children are not born to sit still! They need to move, and actually children don’t start to differentiate between music and movement until much later in life – to them it’s all part of the same experience (much as their early vocal development doesn’t distinguish between singing and talking). And by being clever with our movements, we can use them to reinforce what they’re learning in the song. We lift the babies high when we’re singing high; we drop them down low when we’re singing low. Or we sit around the parachute together, raising it up as we raise the pitch of our voices, and moving it down as the pitch lowers. We’re teaching the children a really key musical principle, but we’re doing it by playing games and having fun.

Next time you come along to a class, see if you can spot any other subconscious learning going on. If you’d like to know more, ask your teacher and they’ll be really happy to talk you through some of the key ideas behind the activities we do in class.

Sarah Sparkles




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