Lucy Sparkles & Friends in Brockley, Forest Hill & Crystal Palace!

Lucy Sparkles Brockley, Forest Hill & Crystal Palace

New Lucy Sparkles & Friends Franchise!

It’s an exciting week at Lucy Sparkles with the launch of our latest franchise! Lucy Sparkles & Friends Brockley, Forest Hill & Crystal Palace is brought to you by our local Head Sparkle, Sarah.

Sarah Sparkles

Sarah has two young children who both love the Sparkles classes. When she first discovered the music class, Sarah found it “wonderful, as a parent, to see my children both enjoying the same thing together. Music is a great equaliser, and a lovely way of bringing people together – old and young! I could also tell that in amongst the fun, my children were really learning something too. Now that I’ve seen the full curriculum I know that I was right. Behind every song, game or dance there’s a purpose, whether it’s improving fine motor skills, learning about pitch or working on coordination. I love that we are bringing learning to children just by having fun together!”

Music has been a significant part of Sarah’s life from a young age, having played the piano and violin from age 4 and 5 respectively, going on to achieve Grade 8 Distinction in both. She has also added the guitar and ukulele to her repertoire!

An Oxford University graduate, Sarah has spent most of her career working for children’s charities on issues such as literacy and widening access to education. She believes that access to the arts is hugely important, and Sarah is also a regular member of the Docklands Sinfonia orchestra, contributing to their education programme, and bringing live music to children who have never experienced this previously.

Sarah is excited to be a Lucy Sparkles Franchisee for both professional and personal reasons. “It’s a lovely opportunity to work in my own community and with young children, doing something that I’m passionate about, whilst also giving me some time with my own little ones!”

Company Director, Lucy Milan Davis is delighted to have Sarah join the Sparkles team. She says, “Sarah’s high level of musicianship, professionalism and natural rapport with children make her the perfect Head Sparkle. I am absolutely thrilled to have Sarah on board and can’t wait to see her bring her enthusiasm for Lucy Sparkles to Brockley, Forest Hill and Crystal Palace.”

Weekly Music and Dance Classes

Sarah is running music and dance classes in Crystal Palace at Dreamcatcher Cafe and there will be new classes in Forest Hill and Brockley coming soon! For further details on her classes or parties please visit


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